Alex Iwobi Describes Nigerians as ‘Loud’ in Recent Intervie

Fulham and Super Eagles player, Alex Iwobi, has shared his thoughts on Nigerians, characterizing them as ‘loud’ and distinctly expressive.

In a recent interview with Kiss Fresh in London, UK, Iwobi pointed out that Nigerians possess unique traits that make them stand out, highlighting the Yoruba people as particularly expressive.

The footballer’s observations provide an interesting perspective on the cultural vibrancy and distinctiveness of Nigerians.

The host asked: “What do you love about Nigerians and being Nigerian?”

Iwobi replied: “You can smell a Nigerian from a mile away. Our mannerisms are so Nigerian, especially Yoruba people. Yoruba people are so loud.

“My favourite thing about the country is that everyone is so welcoming, rich in hospitality and it’s like one big family.

Everyone who is doing well tries to give back to their communities. Every footballer that I am with always try to give back to where they come from. That’s an amazing thing.

“The first thing I do whenever I land in Nigeria and I’m in my hotel room, I order pounded yam and egusi.”

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