Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Criticized Amid Controversial Nigeria Tour and Potential Ghana Visit

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are “seeking any welcome mat” following their contentious Nigeria tour, according to reports.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex recently completed their visit to Nigeria, supporting their charity Archewell and promoting the Invictus Games.

Commentator Maureen Callahan, speaking to GBN America, responded to reports that the couple has “also been invited to Ghana,” accusing them of “cosplaying as royals” during their Nigerian trip.

In a discussion with host Nana Akua, Callahan criticized the couple, saying, “They’re looking for any welcome mat in any nation that may recognize them with the due they believe they’re given.”

Nana Akua shared her thoughts on the Sussexes’ potential trip to Ghana, mentioning her mother’s view on Meghan Markle’s treatment of the Royal Family.

“My mother says the way she treated the Queen is a disgrace. I know a lot of Ghanaians probably feel the same way; it’s a shocker,” Nana said.

Callahan agreed, noting that such treatment of family members resonates across cultures, religions, and boundaries. She added, “Everyone has an experience with a difficult parent, most people do.

But to be digging their heels in this deeply and to be engaged in such bitter snipery‚Ķ there are larger issues.”

The discussion also touched on the Royal Family, including Princess Kate’s cancer treatment and recovery.

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