Japa: Proprietor Collects WAEC, NECO Fees, Sells School, Flies Abroad

Mr. Sunday Adeyemi, a school owner in Ibadan, has reportedly disappeared with funds earmarked for students’ WAEC and NECO exam fees, leaving their educational prospects in jeopardy.

The shocking revelation came to light through Adejoke Lasisi, the founder of Planet 3R, who took to Facebook to share the distressing news.

According to her post, many parents had gone to great lengths, even borrowing money, to ensure their children could take these crucial exams.

The school owner’s actions were described as a betrayal of trust, especially considering he had operated “The Lord’s Favour” school for more than two decades.

It was revealed that Mr. Adeyemi had allegedly sold off his properties, including his home and the school itself, to finance his escape abroad, leaving the students and parents in a state of disbelief and hardship.

Adejoke concluded her post by emphasizing that while everyone has the right to seek opportunities abroad, it should not be at the expense of others, especially when it involves breaching trust and jeopardizing the futures of innocent students.

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