BREAKING: Plastic Surgeon Anu Adepoju Convicted for Patient’s D£ath in Botched Surgery

On Friday, the Lagos Division of the Federal High Court convicted Anu Adepoju for a botched plastic surgery that led to the death of her patient, Nneka Onwuzuligbo, in 2020.

The conviction was announced by Babatunde Irukera, the former head of the Federal Competition and Consumer Protection Commission (FCCPC), who had brought the case against Adepoju to seek justice for the deceased and her family.

“Dr Anu Adepoju and her medical practice convicted in all five counts charges by FCCPC,” Mr Irukera posted The wheel of justice may grind slow, but we must see it through. What we need are enforced with audacity and will to prosecute competently and diligently. Good day for consumers of professional services.”

Numerous complaints have surfaced on social media from dissatisfied patients unhappy with the results of their cosmetic procedures performed by Ms. Adepoju.

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