Ikeja Electric Reduces Electricity Tariffs for Band A Customers

Ikeja Electric announces a reduction in electricity tariffs specifically aimed at Band A consumers, marking a decrease from ₦225 per kilowatt-hour to ₦206.80.

The decision comes following the May 2024 Supplementary Order issued by the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC), as detailed in a public notice released by the distribution company.

According to the notice, “Dear esteemed customers, please be informed of the downward tariff review of our Band A feeders from ₦225/kWh to ₦206.80/kWh effective 6th May 2024 with guaranteed availability of 20-24 hours supply daily.”

This adjustment applies solely to Band A consumers, with tariff rates for Bands B, C, D, and E remaining unchanged.

In April, NERC had previously approved a tariff increase for Band A customers, raising it from ₦68, citing the necessity for service-reflective pricing to enhance liquidity in the electricity industry.

This revised tariff structure mandates Electricity Distribution Companies (DisCos) to ensure a minimum of 20 hours of electricity supply per day to customers falling under the Band A category.

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