Benin Kingdom Affirms Ancestral Roots in Ile-Ife

Benin Kingdom representatives paid a courtesy visit to Oba Adeyeye Ogunwusi, the Ooni of Ife, and declared Ile-Ife their ancestral home.

In a now-viral video documenting the debate, one of the ambassadors reminded the Ooni that despite any contradictory tales circulating online, their collective understanding has always accepted Ile-Ife as their ancient territory.

“We have always been told that Ife is our home,” the emissary said.

The remarks made by the emissary has sparked a reaction online.

The emissary continued, “I don’t care about the propaganda on the internet or whatever anybody is saying.

“We know our history and as far as we are concerned, when I was coming here, I knew I was coming to meet my father so I was very comfortable.”

The aim of the meeting was to issue a request to the Ooni to attend the upcoming Patriots Award event.

The beginning of the Benin Kingdom has been a subject of ongoing conversation and debate

Ile-Ife is generally known as the original home of the Yoruba people.

The Benin Kingdom, based in what is now modern-day Edo State, has been said to have historical ties to Ife.

However, there have been historical arguments and different claims about the exact roots of the Benin people.

Some reports and history tales have suggested different beginnings for the Benin people.

This has led to arguments and tensions regarding their historical lineage, especially on the internet.

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