ASEPA Personnel Save Newborn Baby Boy Abandoned by Mother.

Elder Okezie Ezengwa, Deputy General Manager of ASEPA, has urged parents, particularly single moms, not to throw away newborns due to the economy.

Elder Ezengwa called after ASEPA sweepers on the major Aba-Owerri Road found an abandoned infant boy near Ngwa High School in Osisioma LGA.

The child’s mother’s whereabouts were unclear until sweepers spotted him early Wednesday morning, just after his delivery.

The DGM of ASEPA, who commended the efforts of the ASEPA staff in rescuing the innocent child, said: “You cannot know what God will use the boy to do for humanity in future as Moses was used to deliver Israel from bondage in Egypt.”

He said the mother who abandoned her newborn was inhumane and evil since she carried a kid for nine months, delivered him, and abandoned him.

The DGM and his administrative staff transported the abandoned infant to the Abia State Teaching Hospital (ABSUTH) for treatment, saying the Ministry of Women Affairs will take care of him after thorough assessment.

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