Nigeria Correctional Service Confirms Escape of Over 100 Inmates in Suleja

The Nigeria Correctional Service (NCoS) revealed on Thursday that over a hundred convicts escaped from the Suleja medium security custodial center in Niger State.

The tragedy happened after Wednesday’s torrential rain, which demolished the facility.

Adamu Duza, spokesperson for the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) headquarters of NCoS, said that 118 detainees had fled.

He said: ” A heavy downpour that lasted for several hours on the night of Wednesday, 24 April 2024 has wreaked havoc on the Medium Security Custodial Centre, Suleja, Niger state, as well as surrounding buildings, destroying part of the custodial facility, including its perimeter fence, giving way to the escape of a total of 118 inmates of the facility.”

Duza explained that the service immediately went into action and other sister security agencies helped to rearrest ten fleeing inmates.

“The service has immediately activated its recapturing mechanisms, and in conjunction with sister security agencies, has so far recaptured 10 fleeing inmates and taken them into custody, while we are in hot pursuit to recapture the rest,” Duza explained.

Duza added that many of the security’s facilities were built during the colonial era and have become old and weak.

“The service is not unmindful of the fact that many of its facilities were built during the colonial era and that they are old and weak. The Service is making frantic efforts to ensure that all aging facilities give way to modern ones,” Duza added.

He assured the public that the service is on top of the situation and they can go about their businesses without fear.

‘The Controller of Corrections, FCT Command, Francis John, wishes to assure the public that the service is on top of the situation and that they should go about their normal businesses without fear or hindrance,” he said.

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