Cable Theft : Nigerian Army Dismisses Two Soldiers Involved

The Nigerian Army has discharged two soldiers, Corporal Innocent Joseph and Lance Corporal Jacob Gani, due to their participation in the theft of cables at the Dangote Refinery in Lagos.

The problem surfaced when the troops were detained on April 14, 2024, for allegedly taking armored wires from the refinery grounds.

According to the Army’s statement, the inquiry was carried out in collaboration with Dangote Refinery management, who verified that the troops had abandoned their stations and were in unlawful possession of the items.

The soldiers faced a military trial after being charged with failure to execute military duties under section 57, subsection (1) and Other Civil Offences of the Armed Forces Act CAP A20, the Law of the Federation of Nigeria 2004, respectively.

During the hearings, evidence was provided, and the accused were given the chance to defend themselves, but they were eventually convicted.

“As a demonstration of NA’s zero-tolerance for misconduct and criminality within its ranks, the two soldiers have been dismissed from the NA with immediate effect and handed over to relevant authorities for further prosecution,” the army said.

In the middle: Corporal Innocent Joseph and Lance Corporal Jacob Gani have been dismissed from the Nigerian Army. [NA]

Reflecting on the severity of the misconduct, the Army emphasized its commitment to maintaining high standards of professionalism and integrity, stating, “This decisive action underscores the NA’s resoluteness in maintaining its institutional integrity and reputation.”

The dismissed soldiers have been handed over to the relevant authorities for further prosecution, reaffirming the Army’s zero-tolerance policy toward criminal behavior within its personnel.

The Nigerian Army reassured the public of its ongoing commitment to uphold integrity, discipline, and accountability at all levels. “We remain resolute in our duty to protect and serve the nation with honor and dignity,” the statement concluded, calling for continued public support in its efforts to ensure national security and promote stability across the country.

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