Breaking: Vigilante Operatives Shoot, Kills Restaurant Owner in Enugu

A prominent restaurant owner, named simply as Oforma (aka Ofor Onye Ofe Olugbu) was on Monday night shot dead at Ogrute roundabout in Igboeze North Local Government region of Enugu State by vigilante operators known as Neighbourhood Watch in the region.

It was learned the security crew had gone to arrest someone at Offor’s restaurant but were rebuffed.

The scenario, eye witnesses stated, developed into a brawl between the restaurant owner and the security officers.

In the following altercation, the restaurant owner was shot in the back by one of the security personnel.

The eyewitness further recounted that on realizing what had transpired, the security officers rushed to their heels, leaving their car which was then set fire by the irate youngsters.

The man was transferred to St. Mary’s Hospital Ogrute where he was declared dead in the early hours of Tuesday.

A viral video of the security van belonging to the neighborhood watch organization was seen in flames as it was set fire by enraged youngsters who trooped out to confront the security officers.

Latest sources also revealed that the teenagers had initiated a search for the fleeing security officers.

A group known as Concerned Igboeze North Youths (CINY) verified the event in a post on social media on Tuesday morning.

The post reads: “We lost him. The guy that was allegedly shot dead by Igboeze North LGA Security personnel. St Mary’s hospital doctor at Ogrute confirmed him dead.

“This is so bad to say RIP. A breadwinner is gone; a father is gone; someone’s husband is gone; someone’s son; Uncle, brother, in-law etc is gone”.

They urged on Igboeze North political leaders, the police, the chairman of the local government, the State Government and other relevant institutions to initiate a prompt inquiry to bring the criminals to justice.

Enugu Police Command had yet to respond to the event as of the time of reporting this story.

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