Three dangers of refueling a running generators

There have been numerous reported cases of property burning and deaths due to negligence or improper handling of generators, such as sleeping in the same room or building where a generator is operating or pouring gas into a running generator. There are three dangers in refueling a generator while it’s running.

1 . It’s a big fire hazard – Filling a generator with fuel while it is running might cause a spark, which could ignite the fuel, producing a fire and potentially doing great harm to both the person filling the tank and the generator’s surrounds.

2. Carbon monoxide poisoning – When a fossil fuel generator is running it produces carbon monoxide, a poisonous gas that can be deadly if inhaled in excess.

3. Harm to your generator – Adding gasoline to a running generator can cause harm to the engine and other components owing to the flow of fuel and turbulence in the fuel tank.

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