Stop Twerking In Lagos & Abuja Nightclubs – APC Tells Gov. Adeleke

The All Progressives Congress (APC) in Osun State has issued a public reprimand to Governor Ademola Adeleke, encouraging him to stop from partaking in nightlife activities, notably twerking in Lagos and Abuja nightclubs, and to concentrate more carefully on governance concerns.

This plea for a change in priorities comes amidst claims of unpaid pay for government officials inside the state, emphasizing a vital area of governance requiring urgent attention.

The APC’s critique was conveyed in a statement published by Kola Olabisi, where he voiced worry about Governor Adeleke’s apparent predilection for social events over addressing the real needs of Osun State’s citizens.

The statement pointed out the governor’s failure to account for financial allocations and revenues, including over N200 billion in Federal allocation and N39.5 billion in Internally Generated Revenue (IGR) for 2023, questioning the justification for such behavior when state workers and pensioners were yet to receive their March wages.

In contrast, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), under which Governor Adeleke serves, defended his record, attributing the APC’s assessment to their failure to match the governor’s accomplishments throughout his term.

The PDP emphasized Adeleke’s accomplishment in finishing various infrastructure projects abandoned by the previous government, therefore saving billions of naira of state monies from waste.

They accused the APC of promoting falsehoods and failing to develop a constructive approach to opposition movement.

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