Onje Eko – Rommi Royal Media House and Entertainment Shares Free Food

We’re thrilled to share our latest outreach activities from Rommi Royal Media at Onje Eko Market, Lagos!

Every weekend, we embark on a heartfelt mission to support our community by procuring subsidized food items provided by the Lagos State Government.

Amidst the prevailing financial challenges, we believe in extending a helping hand to those in need.

With immense joy, we distributed these essential supplies to our fellow citizens, striving to alleviate their burdens and spread positivity throughout the community.

Your smiles and gratitude inspire us to continue this noble endeavor. But our mission doesn’t end here! We invite you all to join our journey of compassion and empowerment.

Subscribe to Rommi Royal Media and Rommi Royal TV on YouTube for exciting giveaways and uplifting content. Together, let’s create a ripple of kindness and make a difference in the lives of others.

Thank you for your unwavering support.

Stay tuned for more updates and opportunities to be a part of something truly meaningful! 💫

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