Bobrisky is not Nigeria’s problem, Charly Boy frowns at EFFC

Nigerian socialite and former Performing Musicians Association of Nigeria (PMAN) president, Mr. Charles Oputa aka Charly Boy, expressed strong disapproval of the actions taken by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) in apprehending and bringing charges of money laundering against the social media influencer, Bobrisky.

Charly Boy questions why EFCC targets Bobrisky and not corrupt politicians and civil servants.

Insisting that Bobrisky was not the main problem in Nigeria, Charly Boy, who expressed his anger on his Twitter account, @AreaFada1, also condemned the government for raising electricity prices, highlighting the detrimental impact on the citizens’ already burdened finances.

He mentioned that the government was tough on the poor by raising electricity prices.

His words: “EFCC make una go find better work and leave Bobrisky alone I beg una.

“Sake bcos e spray money?

Do you know how many civil servants, ministers, and elderly Yahoo men spray money daily?

“Bobrisky is not our problem since you guys are no moral police. Ur work na to retrieve stolen money from the criminal group of Politicians.

“But I can see dat APC people are still using the tactics from dia old play book syndicated by dia cash and carry influencers distracting the people with nonsense since dey can’t focus.

“This una New Electricity Tariff, who wan pay when we can barely eat?

“Is dis how you people want to kill us by making great sacrifices for ur Owambe life style?

“Una no go die better.


dia fathers.”

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