US-Based Igbo Groups Caution Enugu Governor, Mbah Over Establishment Of Cattle Ranch

Igbo organizations under the banner of the American Veterans of Igbo Descent (AVID) and the World Igbo Congress (WIC), have advised Governor Peter Mbah of Enugu State against building of cattle ranch in the state.

The warning was included in a statement jointly signed by the Chairman of WIC, Mr. Festus Okere and the President of AVID, Sylvester Onyia.

The organizations added that the warning became urgent since they had become aware of Governor Mbah’s intentions to develop a cattle ranch in the state.

“We wish to express our collective disapproval and lack of endorsement for such initiatives within your jurisdiction. 

“Drawing on the experience of a similar program initiated by former Governor Orji Uzo Kalu of Abia State, which failed to deliver the anticipated economic benefits, we urge caution.”

The groups stressed that “Recent unsettling reports of over 80 casualties near the Lokpanta cattle market, presumed to be Igbo natives, further underscore our concerns. Cattle ranching, being a private enterprise, does not align with the ethos of Igbo land.”

According to them, “The cattle herders are often associated with violence and disorder. The Igbo community values equality and freedom within democratic societies, and the establishment of a cattle ranch could have dire consequences. 

“It is imperative to avoid actions that might compromise our people’s autonomy and resilience.

“AVID and WIC implore you to seek prudent guidance to safeguard our homeland against potential threats and encroachment disguised as ranching activities. 

“We offer our collaboration to enhance the safety and well-being of Enugu State residents and the wider Southeast region. 

“As custodians of Igbo heritage, we urge you to protect every inch of our ancestral land from external influences.

“It is worth noting that no part of Nigeria has allocated land for Igbo settlements or enterprises. Regions in the North boast vast expanses of land suitable for ranching purposes.

“We encourage you to prioritize essential governance aspects such as education, infrastructure, reliable power supply, and poverty alleviation for the benefit of Enugu State’s populace.” 

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