Igbos disown Prof. Uju Anya after she engaged to her lesbian partner (Video)

After getting engaged to her lesbian girlfriend, Nigerian associate professor Uju Anya at Pennsylvania State University made headlines online.

The assistant professor posted a video of the proposal in front of her and her partner’s children on Twitter, now known as X.

She disclosed in tweets accompanying the video that her partner lied about going to a friend’s party. She said she came to pick up her now-fiance and was shocked by her huge surprise. Uju told her lesbian lover they were surrounded by love, children, and friends and said yes.

She thanked the audience for their kind wishes and promised good proposal photos.

Y’all. She said we were going to Summer Lee’s party. I arrived to pick her up and had the most delicious shock. She colluded with folks, people flew in, we were surrounded by love. In front of our children and dear friends, Sirry Alang asked me to be her wife. And I said yes. pic.twitter.com/JdUsnSNqEh— Uju Anya (@UjuAnya) March 23, 2024

Somebody asked to see the ring🥰🥰🥹🥹💍 pic.twitter.com/utwhUKndlD— Uju Anya (@UjuAnya) March 23, 2024

As expected, the news has created a lots of reasctiom amongst Igbo netizens, considering her a disgrace to the Rising Sun Biafra Land.

Some comments reads,

One An Nabel wrote, “On behalf of the Igbos we don’t know her

One Girlie Vi wrote, “US government is worse than ours for legalizing a smelling act like this. SMH it’s well

One Naomi Boom wrote, “Old women with no shame tueh

One William Chijioke wrote, “What a shame? People are now proud of what they should be ashamed of. God have mercy on us

One Chinyere Chigozie wrote, “Worst video on the internet today

One Sandra 7452 wrote, “Uju or whatever they call you don’t dent our image ooo. We the Igbo ladies don’t involve in atrocity, we love men”.

Bisi Alimi, a prominent homosexual rights campaigner, commented on Pope Francis’s decision to allow priests to bless same-sex weddings late last year.

Alimi praised the priests who supported this progressive decision on Instagram. He noted that Pope Francis, a famous Christian, supports same-sex partnerships. He contrasted with Nigerian conservative beliefs on homosexuality, which commonly include Hellfire and End Time.

Bisi Alimi questioned the contrasting ideas in Nigeria, questioning how people reconcile their opinions against same-sex couples with the Pope’s endorsement of such unions. He touched on the seeming conflict between the Pope’s attitude and the general Nigerian mindset that believes homosexuality as morally immoral and leading to everlasting damnation.

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