How fake news almost wrecked Lai Mohammed 40-year-old marriage.

Lai Mohammed trended today because the former minister said that social media fake news almost wrecked his 40-year-old marriage.

Lai added that he spent hours trying to persuade his wife after she disputed him about $1.3bn that she read that he had stolen on the internet.

“It was sometimes in 2018 when I came to Lagos from Abuja for an official assignment. “As usual, I go to bed after midnight, but about 3 am., my wife gently woke me from my sleep.

“At first, I panicked, fearing that there had been a security breach, but my wife’s mien belied that possibility, for she was calm and composed.”

He continued: “Solemnly, my wife asked me if I was fully awake as there were some serious issues to discuss.

“I could not fathom what was that urgent or serious to warrant being woken up at this time of the night.

“My mind immediately did a kaleidoscope of my rascalities and escapades in the last few months”.

Mohammed stated the allegation from his wife was “a bombshell” and was conveyed to him in Yoruba language.

He gave the tale as follows: “Daddy, death can come knocking at any moment, please let me also, as your wife, be a signatory to your overseas account in Ali Financial which contains 1.3 billion dollars.”

The ex-minister expressed amazement that his wife entirely accepted the fake narrative spreading about government officials, including himself, reportedly holding enormous quantities of money in offshore accounts under former President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration.

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