Report Reveals Nigeria as The 102nd Happiest Country in the World

The World Happiness Report of 2024 has positioned Nigeria as the 102nd happiest nation worldwide, reflecting a fall from its prior rank of 95th in 2023.

This yearly study, produced to coincide with the UN’s International Day of Happiness, examines the level of global happiness across 143 nations using a range of indicators.

These include economic elements like GDP, social issues such as life expectancy and having someone to lean on, and governance factors like views of corruption.

The complete investigation attempts to give insights into how various countries view their quality of life and general well-being.

Finland has once again topped the list as the happiest country globally, holding its position for the seventh straight year.

In contrast, Nigeria’s score reflects a varied picture of happiness inside the nation, especially when split by age groups.

For the first time, the research includes distinct rankings for various age groups, demonstrating that younger Nigerians under the age of 30 feel considerably happy, ranking 108th, compared to adults who are listed at 130th.

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