Don’t let anybody oppress you—man shows off Ritual items from demolished house

A video trending online shows the narration of a person who visited a home after the government’s preparations to demolish the unlawful property.

Ritual items found in the building include calabash, black soap, and sponges, which he said were ritual items.

He could be heard emphasizing the importance of focusing on unlawful means of earning while avoiding persecution from people whose sources of income may be dirty.

“Make nobody oppress you, e go be like say person no dey try for this life. House wey dem dey demolish, na now we know say all those boys wey dey stay for big big house. As dem dey demolish, na hin dem run, see their tools,” he said in part.

Video Below;

The video, which has sparked a wave of reactions among netizens.

See reactions below;

owo_dada opined: “Cut soap for me cut soap for me now you don see full soap use am baff morning and evening.”

adewarle wrote: “Culture and traditional methods are not always evil. Spirituality is deeper than what most people think. What you saw can be for anything. U dont know what that person is dealing with. Wake up from religious slavery. The same way you study your holy books. Do your research about your origin culture and tradition.”

blaqboybeenxeel said: “Everyone Has His/Her Right To Practice Their Religion…. As Long As No Life Was Taken in the process there’s Nothing wrong….This Video Just Be Like Make Person De Video anointing oil or tesbah…Don’t Forget We are Africans!”

asomoneyofficial noted: “Rest jare 😂if na bible or Quran you see , shey you go make video?”

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