Days after apologizing to Nigerians, Olaiya Igwe makes U-turn says He doesn’t regret campaigning for Tinubu (Video)

Days after apologizing to Nigerians, Nollywood star Olaiya Igwe has changed his mind on his support for Bola Ahmed Tinubu, the APC presidential candidate.

He clarified in an interview with Kola Olootu that his apology does not imply that he regrets running for president. He declared that he will run for office again if given the chance.

He restated that God was the one who had given him the command to go to the beach in his undies and promote Tinubu.

“It was God who told me to go to the beach n@ked to campaign for Tinubu. Some people are saying I regret campaigning for Tinubu. I DO NOT regret campaigning for Tinubu, I will do it again if have the opportunity”.

To refresh your memories, When Olaiya Igwe posted a video of himself praying for BAT last year, it went viral. In the video, Olaiya was praying to his creator to help Tinubu win the general election of 2023 while he stood at a riverbank butt n@ked.

At the time, Olaiya used Tinubu’s wife’s assistance during his difficult times as justification for his conduct. He related how Remi Tinubu looked after him during his illness and even offered to pay for his flight out of the nation to receive medical attention.

Expanding on his remarks, he stated that he was given a supernatural instruction to carry out the task in an interview with TVC’s “Your View.”

His actions apparently resulted in a disciplinary committee summoning him from The Theatre Arts and Motion Pictures Practitioners of Nigeria (TAMPAN).

But a year later, he apologized to Nigerians for the video in a statement on his Instagram page, citing the information he learned about BAT as the reason.

He claims that Tinubu has been a huge assistance to him, particularly with regard to his health, and that Tinubu gave him the inspiration to make the video. He mentioned that Nigerians had insulted and cursed him.

Regretfully, Nigerians ridiculed him on social media because they didn’t believe his apologies.

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