Eniola Badmus answers netizen who advised her to remain on Tinubu’s mandate during the economic difficulty

Eniola Badmus on fire

Nollywood actress, Eniola Badmus has addressed a netizen who warned her to remain standing on President Tinubu’s mandate.

Eniola, who was unapologetically one of the few celebrities who clearly proclaimed her support for the president, had via her Instagram page, grieved about the problems she encountered.

She claimed that she faces a lot but she isn’t a storyteller, therefore, why people don’t know what she goes through.

“I face a lot but am not a storyteller”.

Taking to her comment section, a netizen told her she hadn’t seen anything as he admonished her to keep standing on the mandate.

“U never see anything yet that mandate we must stand”.

Replying, Eniola Badmus made her know she was still standing on it.

“Still standing”, she said.

Another fan mocked her stating that karma has hit her. “Karma na wetin again”, the netizen wrote.

Eniola replied, “Dey play”.

It is no longer news that Eniola Badmus was one of the several Nollywood actresses who shamelessly flaunted their support for Asiwaju.

The movie star became one of the most disliked celebrities in Nigeria, but that didn’t concern her as she remained unruffled by their mocking.

Eniola Badmus isn’t the only one still standing on Tinubu’s mission. Comedian, Seyi Law drummed up support for Tinubu, claiming that if another election had to be conducted tomorrow, he would still going to vote for Tinubu.

He also mentioned how he would rather stay with Moses through the desert than eat meat and drink wine in slavery in Egypt, alluding at the fact that Moses was Tinubu while Egypt was Peter Obi.

He also emphasized that while a lot of Nigerians carry on crushing the optimism of others with their hate and drive for fulfillment, he is better privileged since he is more knowledgeable than the rest of Nigerians.

Footballer, Jude Ighalo’s ex-wife, Sonia had criticized people disrespecting and criticizing the President, as she questioned who gave them the guts to offend Tinubu.

She acknowledged that social media should be monitored before it gets out of hand, as she noticed how individuals are destroying the president’s attempts to make the country worse.

Sonia noted that the delicate motion of a tiger doesn’t mean it is timid as she encouraged Nigerians to give some respect on his name.

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